Getting Things Done =
Stress Free Productivity

Getting Things Done: Gold Standard in Personal Productivity​

As Certified Partners for the David Allen Company in Australia, Productivity First offers Corporate Training, Public Seminars, Coaching, in Getting Things Done Methodology.

Based on the international bestseller “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, our training and coaching provide practical knowledge to help you Get Things Done in a proactive manner that reduces your stress while increasing productivity.

The key learning is to be able to make a trusted choice about where to put your focus and attention at any given time so nothing falls through the cracks.

GTD is Shorthand for Getting Things Done.


Our Seminars with Implementation Workshops offer practical help in understanding and applying this methodology to get more done with less stress in day to day life. ​

GTD Coaching


Take Advantage of our targeted Desk-side or Online 1:1 Coaching and put this methodology into practice customised to your personal situation

Komal Thakkar Getting Things Done Coach Australia delivering Keynote Speech

Keynote speech

Planning an event? Entertaining and inspiring, our Getting Things Done Keynote will give some practical tips to boost your Organization's productivity in everyday work and life. ​

David Allen on TEDx

Benefits of Getting Things Done:

Clear your head

With GTD, learn how to keep your mind clear by capturing everything that has your attention, personal and professional, small and big.

Overcome procrastination

Learn how next action and desired outcome thinking eliminates procrastination 

Prevent stuff from falling through the cracks

Learn how to track stuff that matters in a easy way and delegate effectively with an airtight GTD system, so they don’t get missed.

Increase productivity and eliminate stress

GTD increases your productivity and reduces your stress level so you can confidently respond to challenges and make priority decisions.

Get the right things done - Avoid being driven by latest and loudest

GTD enables you to put the right thing in front of you at the right time so you can make trusted choice about what to do and what not to do, moment to moment, with clarity and focus. 

Create mental bandwidth and be more creative

Gain the cognitive space to think creatively, focus on the important things in life and develop new ideas.

Getting Things Done Training: Level 1 The Fundamentals

In Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

Mar 23

GTD Level 1 Fundamentals & Implementation Workshop Melbourne

March 23 - March 24
CBD, Melbourne Victoria
May 26

Getting Things Done Training: Level 2 Projects and Priorities

In Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

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