How to be “Present” after return from holiday/conference? Do you have a “Back to work” plan?

You have just come back from 3-day conference or a 15-day holiday! Stuff has been piling up while you are away…sounds familiar? How do you regain control and not get trapped into a backlog situation?  Top tips:

  • Pre-holiday checklist: 2 weeks prior to your trip, make a list of things to finish before the trip.
  • Weekly review before you go. Imagine you are back, what do you need to hit the ground running?
  • Before your trip, block your calendar after your return date to allow “processing” time and a weekly review after return.
  • Before your trip, block your calendar for some “doing” time upon return, for the stuff that has been processed.

Enjoy and be present in your time away and be present when you are back!! by Komal Thakkar

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