Stress management question to David by a High school student

I am completing a health advocacy project in my health class and need to interview an expert on my topic. My topic is on Teens managing Stress. I’m asking you thispersonally because of your book on managing stress. Here are three questions that I would like to ask you:
1. How important do you think coping with stress is for teens?
It depends what kind of stress you’re referring to. The stress that comes from setting a goal, raising your standards, taking on something bigger than you’ve ever done before, or trying something new can most often be a positive stress–a challenge that stretches you out of your comfort zone and creates greater maturity and the experience is expansive. The negative stress is created by not keeping agreements with yourself, not being appropriately engaged with your commitments, not dealing with things that you know you should because you feel you’re a victim or you’re just avoiding stuff that’s meaningful. That creates contraction instead of expansion. Learning to cope with that–no, even to eliminate that–is critical for anyone, teens included. Otherwise it clouds your thinking, undermines your energy, and negatively affects your immune system.
2. What are the best ways to deal with stress, in your opinion?
– Understand first that you’re actually IN stress
– Determine what’s causing it
– Clarify what you’d like to have true in the situation–what’s your desired outcome, at least in terms of how you’d like to be feeling?
– Decide if there is a next action you can take to make some positive progress toward clarification and/or resolution
– Engage in some activity or focus that you feel will potentially improve the situation for you.
3. What is you opinion on meditation and using techniques and apps like NuCalm to help with stress
Any kind of meditation, reflection, or contemplation, away from the “noise” of your world, will always be beneficial (unless you’re using it to AVOID your world). Anything that gets you to lift up a little higher in altitude and see things from a broader or higher perspective will be invaluable.
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