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The Pandemic Effect

The situation has changed dramatically for the world with the Covid-19 Pandemic and I am looking at my GTD lists and realise most of the things there are not even possible at this stage given the current environment.

Luckily the Getting Things Done methodology is very fluid and can be adopted to almost any situation. Here is my journey.

First I reviewed my calendar and cleared it of any appointments /meetings /trainings/ coaching no longer possible and rescheduled them to virtual where possible. In GTD practice, your calendar is your most trusted tool, so it is critical that it tells you what you must do and not what you like to do.

So then I created a list called “Projects on Hold” and started to transfer my projects no longer possible to this list. Next I reviewed my next actions to make sure they reflect the current reality. It felt so good to see everything remaining on my lists was current and doable.

I realise that even though I have a habit of capturing all that has my attention as soon as it occurs, the last few days the situation had changed so dramatically that I haven’t captured a lot of my thoughts that are related to the Pandemic!!

So now, I did a mindsweep and started to capture new stuff that had my attention given the situation. Processing the mindsweep and adding to my lists now gave me a comprehensive picture of what my current inventory of tasks are for the coming weeks.

Finally, I looked at my someday maybe lists – there were a lot of gems there in terms of things I have wanted to do. Some of them got transferred to my active system now.

After this weekly review, I felt peaceful and could look at my refreshed GTD system with a confidence as everything there was current and do-able.

When was the last time you did a weekly review? Is your system reflecting what you could do in the current situation? Have you looked at your someday maybe lists for inspiration? Let us know 😊



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