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Getting Things Done Australia Coach Komal Thakkar

Meet Komal Thakkar, Our Founder and a Certified GTD® Coach

Komal is the Managing Director of Productivity First, an experienced Productivity and Workflow Consultant and and former Chair of the Victorian APSIG committee for The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

Komal is certified by the David Allen Company as a Coach and Trainer in Getting Things Done (GTD).  She was a keynote speaker at the Local Government LGIT Conference in Coff’s Harbour, NSW in November 2019 and James Cook University in March 2019. 

Komal comes with over 25 years of experience in the public and private sector having worked with people at different professional levels ranging from Board Directors, C-level Executives, Department Heads, Managers all the way to new hires in a number of industries including Technology, Healthcare, Education, Government, Legal, Construction and Financial Services

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M:  +61(0) 4 0281 0630

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About Productivity First

Komal Thakkar with David Allen May 2014 Australia
Komal with David Allen June 2018

Productivity First is an Authorised and Certified Partner of The David Allen Company to teach the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology in Australia in accordance with The David Allen Company’s standards.

We conduct seminarslectures ,coaching and advice in Getting Things Done (GTD®). And conduct Train-The-Trainer workshops for corporate trainers within organizations.

Our Mission is to help Individuals, Teams and Organizations to clear their head, stay focussed on their goals and achieve stress-free Productivity using the Getting Things Done Method.

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