Career Opportunities

We love that you are interested in teaching or selling Getting Things Done!

We are looking for Individuals and Companies

  • who would like to become Certified GTD Trainers
  • who would like to sell our GTD Seminars
  • You can show your interest for you Personally or on behalf of a Company.
  • You will be teaching/selling the GTD Mastering Workflow Seminar – Read about this here.
  • We promise that we will not abuse the information you send or spam you in any way.

Get started:

For potential trainers: Download and READ: DAC Quality Standards for Trainers before proceeding.


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Getting Things Done GTD book

*Enhance Your Focus and Beat the Overwhelm

*Have the Freedom to Fulfil your Goals

*Get Things Done with Less Stress

*Avoid Stuff to Fall Through the Cracks