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Getting Started with Getting Things Done

Not Sure Where to Start or Whether GTD is for you? 

This Obligation Free Introductory Webinar is for you if you would like to 

*Find about more about how you can Achieve Stress-Free Productivity and Work-life balance

*Discover the basic principles and the framework of the Getting Things Done Methodology 

*Find the secret behind how some people find the time for the things that really matter to them no matter how many things are coming at them. 

*Understand how the Getting Things Done methodology helps to make a trusted choice about what to do and what not to do at any given moment so nothing falls through the cracks.

*Learn the secret for staying in control of all your commitments, personal and work related in a stress-free manner. 

Yes I am in! Please send me a link to join the webinar!

Date: Sep 8, 2022
Time: 12.00 pm to 1:00 pm AEST

Komal has been fabulous. Productivity First Getting Things Done Course with Implementation Workshop helped me transform the GTD theory into practice. Komal's tips and comprehensive after-course support helped make the change stick.

Getting Things Done

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Completing a GTD course has significantly changed the way I work both at home and in the office. I came to the course with 4000 emails in my inbox, feeling overwhelmed with how to keep track of what I had to do and not remembering what I needed to do next.

Using the GTD work flow has completely changed the way I work. I now have zero emails in my inbox and I have a clear process of how to capture my work/home tasks, organise all the information I need to deal with and I work much more productively.

Komal the trainer goes the extra mile and keeps in contact with me to keep me on track. I highly recommend this course to anyone needing more time to get things done.

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