Getting Things Done Coaching: Fine-Tune your GTD

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Getting Things Done (GTD) Workflow Coaching: Fine-Tune your GTD

You have read the book/listened to the audio book and implemented the GTD method to the best of your ability. But something doesn’t feel right as you are still overwhelmed, there is a friction in your workflow.

Your GTD system should never overwhelm you. If it is, there is something that is missing in the implementation of it. 

You can’t learn driving a car by reading the manual, or learn to swim by reading instructions and GTD is not much different from that. You may get some immediate benefit by reading the Getting Things Done book, however, if you are overwhelmed, you are not getting the full benefit of the GTD System as it is about stress-free productivity. 

Sometimes you just need someone to review your GTD system, identify where the “wrinkles” are and advise you how to “iron out” the wrinkles in your GTD system.

The uniqueness of GTD is that no two people have the same system as it allows for individual variations. The principles still stand correct however it is totally customisable.

GTD coaching, call it Fine-tuning or Trouble-shooting, is designed to help you identify gaps in your GTD system and habits. We help you to ensure there are clean edges in your GTD system and it attracts you.

This Coaching is for you if you:

  • have implemented and have a GTD system or implemented parts of it
  • are still struggling with managing priorities 
  • are still overwhelmed
  • are struggling to find time to do the most meaningful things
  • are repelled by your lists
  • are still missing important tasks/due dates
  • are wondering how on earth could you have any time to do anything else other than meetings and emails
  • are working out of your email inbox most of the time and want to get out of the “busy trap” 
  • want to know how you can align your day to day activities to your larger goals

Imagine your future self where:

  • you are no longer overwhelmed by emails, or any incoming “stuff” be it text messages, team messages, phone calls, etc
  • your life is not driven by the latest and the loudest.
  • you have the freedom to focus on what’s most meaningful to you as you have a trusted system to support you.
  • you have mental clarity, space and perspective
  • you have an overview of a complete inventory of commitments so you can make a trusted choice of what to do moment to moment
  • you have greater confidence in your ability to achieve greater focus and control
  • you are completely present in the moment in whatever you are doing

GTD Coaching Format for Fine-Tune your GTD

While we do offer Deskside coaching for someone starting out with GTD, we recommend the online/virtual coaching format if you have an existing GTD system and wish to fine-tune it as it allows you to try the strategies discussed in your coaching session and come back with feedback for incremental progress.

Fine-tune your GTD workflow coaching is conducted virtually in 60 min coaching sessions on a platform such as MS Teams/Zoom/Webex as per your preference.

Fine-tune your GTD workflow coaching is

    • customised to your own personal work and life
    • customised to your working style and working preferences

You will have an opportunity to get a personal evaluation based on the Cognitive Preference Survey (optional)

Learning Materials

  • Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity book
  • GTD® Workflow Map
  • Methodology Guides


Key Takeaways After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Apply clear principles and techniques for staying in control on a day-to-day basis
  • Define and manage your complete inventory of projects and actions with an integrated life management system
  • Utilize the GTD methodology for aligning commitments, values and interests at all horizons of work and life

What Our Clients are saying about our GTD Coaching

As a long-time practitioner of David Allen’s Getting Things Done method, I had become somewhat stuck and needed direction and clarification. Reaching out to Productivity First and receiving regular coaching has proven to be incredibly beneficial.

Stepping back and reviewing my productivity system was at times challenging, always rewarding and, actually a lot of fun. My path to personal and professional productivity has been reinvigorated!

I highly recommend Productivity First. Just brilliant!
Richard Mumby
Principal Instructor, BHP Billiton. Perth

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