Getting Things Done Coaching: GTD Strategic Focus

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Getting Things Done (GTD) Workflow coaching: GTD Strategic Focus  

You are practising the 5 GTD steps and have a GTD system that is supporting you. You are doing weekly reviews on some consistent basis and would like to move up the GTD Horizons of Focus so you can align your day to day activities with your larger goals and are clearer about your priorities.

This is a one-on-one coaching by a certified GTD coach custom-tailored to your unique workflow and preference of system.

GTD Strategic focus coaching is for you if you:

  • want to design your future and develop a road map to achieve it
  • are struggling with competing priorities
  • want to align your day to day activities with your larger goals
  • learn the best practices for delegating in a manner that the work is performed to your standards
  • be more present, more mindful in whatever you are doing, whether in a meeting or having dinner with family
  • ensure things don’t fall through the cracks and you don’t miss important due dates, events
  • obtain work-life balance
  • learn the best practices for productive living according to Getting Things Done model with your real work at hand, customised to your needs

Imagine your future self where:

  • your day to day activities are aligned with your priorities
  • your life is not driven by the latest and the loudest.
  • you have the freedom to focus on what’s most meaningful to you as you have a trusted system to support you
  • You have mental clarity, space and perspective
  • work you delegate to others is done in a timely manner and according to the standard you expect
  • You have greater confidence in your ability to achieve greater focus and control
  • You are completely present in the moment in whatever you are doing
  • You can turn productivity ON like a switch on a messy day

GTD Coaching Format for Strategic Focus

While we do offer Deskside coaching for someone starting out with GTD, we recommend the online/virtual coaching format for the Strategic Focus Coaching as it allows you incremental progress given this coaching requires the reflection between the coaching calls. 

Desk side coaching format is available for those who prefer it.

Both coaching formats are compared here.

The Strategic Focus GTD workflow coaching is usually conducted virtually in 60 min coaching sessions on a platform such as MS Teams/Zoom/Webex as per your preference, 

The coaching is

    • customised to your own personal work and life
    • customised to your working style and working preferences

You will have an opportunity to get a personal evaluation based on the Cognitive Preference Survey (optional)

Our Promise: What you will achieve

  • Map out your Areas of Focus:  you will have clarity about your priorities and freedom to ensure all the different areas of your work and life are balanced. 
  • Learn the Natural Planning model: empower yourself with the tools and knowledge to optimally plan your projects and delegate with confidence so that the tasks and projects you delegate are delivered according to your standards.
  • Map out your Goals, Vision and Purpose: Ensure your day to day activities are aligned with your larger goals and vision. Create your desired future.
  • Orienting Reviews: Optimise your system and create orienting reviews to keep your system up-to-date with changing priorities.
Learning Materials
  • Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity book
  • GTD® Workflow Map
  • Methodology Guides
Key Takeaways After completing this program, you will be able to:
  • Apply clear principles and techniques for staying in control on a day-to-day basis
  • Define and manage your complete inventory of projects and actions with an integrated life management system
  • Utilize the GTD methodology for aligning commitments, values and interests at all horizons of work and life

What Our Clients are saying about our GTD Coaching

Through her insightful coaching, Komal has helped to sharpen up my GTD practices and cultivate healthy review habits, unlocking significant productivity and well-being. Thank you Komal!
Samar Zutshi
Innovation and Strategic Initiatives Director,Online Eduction Services (OES)

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