Getting Things Done GTD Guided Weekly Review Webinar

Guided GTD Weekly Review Webinar

Reflect and Refresh with GTD Weekly Review

Come Join us for a Guided GTD Weekly Review

Let us handhold you through your GTD Weekly Review!

Your GTD system is your Total Life Management System and the GTD Weekly Review is a Critical Success Factor in maintaining your GTD practice upto scratch.

Have you been struggling with doing the weekly review yourself? Most people find their first weekly review difficult.

Session Objectives:

A GTD Weekly Review consists of 3 parts and 11 steps. 

Let us take you through the 3 parts and the 11 steps of the GTD Weekly Review and demystify it for you. 

  • Get clear
  • Get Current
  • Get Creative

Who is it for?

It is for you have a GTD system in place, have undergone GTD Coaching or attended Level 1 GTD Course

What if I am not sure?

Please contact us if you have any questions about whether this is for you or would like us to help you with your GTD.

Komal has been fabulous. Productivity First Getting Things Done Course with Implementation Workshop helped me transform the GTD theory into practice. Komal's tips and comprehensive after-course support helped make the change stick.

Upcoming Guided GTD Weekly Review Webinar

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Would you like to join us? Please leave your details here and we will contact you with the dates for the next one. 

Completing a GTD course has significantly changed the way I work both at home and in the office. I came to the course with 4000 emails in my inbox, feeling overwhelmed with how to keep track of what I had to do and not remembering what I needed to do next.

Using the GTD work flow has completely changed the way I work. I now have zero emails in my inbox and I have a clear process of how to capture my work/home tasks, organise all the information I need to deal with and I work much more productively.

Komal the trainer goes the extra mile and keeps in contact with me to keep me on track. I highly recommend this course to anyone needing more time to get things done.

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