GTD Fundamentals & Implementation Workshop

GTD Fundamentals & Implementation Workshop


Stress Free Productivity with Getting Things Done

Achieve Stress-Free Productivity and Work-life balance with our Getting Things Done  Implementation Workshops right here in Australia.

Getting Things Done methodology is for you and your team if you and your team

  • have too many input channels be it emails, message boards, task boards, CRM, text messages
  • need a coherent way and common language for the team to interact so that there is ownership at individual level for the tasks and project level for the team
  • need a systematic approach to be able to track, prioritise and execute the tasks in a timely manner
  • need to ensure each member has clarity about the standard of work expected by them
  • need to ensure each member has skills and tools to make a trusted choice about what to do and what not to do at any given moment so nothing falls through the cracks

GTD for Teams

Leaders and teams are faced with 3 challenges:

  • Keep up the Employee Morale
  • Maintain and Improve Productivity
  • Keep the stress levels down

Getting Things Done Methodology has been shown to help with all the above.

GTD Level 1 Fundamentals and Implementation

Learning the basics of Getting Things Done Method involves 2 components: 

  • GTD Fundamentals Course 


  • GTD Fundamentals Implementation Workshop

The GTD Fundamentals Course: explains “the what,” the principles of the Getting Things Done Method. 

GTD Fundamentals Implementation Workshop: the “how to” workshop where we show you how the rubber hits the road. 

The GTD implementation workshop is typically held the day after or within a week of the team attending the GTD Level 1 course. 

Please refer below to the details of what is covered in the course and workshop.

GTD Fundamentals Course

The Course teaches you the fundamental thinking process of:

  • Directing all inputs in your world
  • Processing them using the Getting Things Done model 
  • Keep it current with regular reviews

GTD Fundamentals Implementation Workshop

The Installation and Implementation workshop is a dynamic way to apply the GTD principles so there is uniform application across the team.


Please note implementation of GTD does not require any software installation, but is implemented using a paper or electronic list manager of your choice.

What to expect: Participants can expect to make some real progress in the implementation of GTD for Email, Calendar, Tasks and Projects. Requires participants to have live access to their email and calendar.

  • Pre-assessment: Prior to the workshop, we will do a pre-assessment to help you determine the best tools and list manager that suits your team based on your work and workflow requirements.
  • Email: Handheld workshop for structuring email according to best practices for GTD, with live demonstration, leading participants through handling their own personal backlog and structuring email. 
  • Experience Inbox zero: Whether you have 50,000 emails or 500 emails in your inbox.
  • Calendar: This workshop covers best practices for calendar management, three-fold nature of work, limiting criteria and includes live demonstration. 
  • Tasks and Projects: This workshops allows participants to set up their GTD system for tasks and projects and start populating them.
  • Keep it current: we conduct a guided weekly review webinar 2 weeks after the course so you can learn the best practices of keeping your system clean and current. 
Komal has been fabulous. Productivity First Getting Things Done Implementation Workshop helped me transform the GTD theory into practice. Komal's tips and comprehensive after-course support helped make the change stick.
Amy Beck,
Defence Aerospace Engineer, NSW

The GTD Fundamentals Implementation Workshop is conducted by our team at Productivity First and the GTD Fundamentals Course is conducted in partnership with Crucial Dimensions.

You can request us to arrange for both the course & implementation workshop and we can work with our training partners to bring to you a solution tailored to your team’s needs at no extra cost so you only need one booking. 

GTD Level 2 Projects and Priorities | Level 3 Focus and Direction

GTD Level 2 and Level 3 Courses with implementation workshops are conducted by Productivity First

Level 2
Projects & Priorities

Get clarity about your priorities, plan your projects effectively, delegate with confidence and become interruption proof!!

Level 3
Focus & Direction

The ultimate destination! Level 3 enables you to design your future and build a roadmap with the GTD Horizons of Focus.

Completing a GTD Implementation Workshop has significantly changed the way I work both at home and in the office. I came to the workshop with 4000 emails in my inbox, feeling overwhelmed with how to keep track of what I had to do and not remembering what I needed to do next.

Using the GTD work flow has completely changed the way I work. I now have zero emails in my inbox and I have a clear process of how to capture my work/home tasks, organise all the information I need to deal with and I work much more productively.

Komal the trainer goes the extra mile and keeps in contact with me to keep me on track. I highly recommend this course to anyone needing more time to get things done.
Linda Willington, ACT
Nurse Manager

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