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Getting Things Done Methodology is needed more than ever in the current times. There are too many things coming at us at fast speed. We are flooded with emails and instant messages; our calendars are filled with meetings and to top it all we juggle with interruptions, distractions and unplanned things that appear.

Single Most Important Skill for The Future is Managing Your Focus and Attention

Are you busy doing the right things or are you in the busy trap, responding to the latest and loudest? Do you struggle to keep the work-life balance while battling with the demands of your professional life?

The GTD Level 1 Fundamentals Seminar with Implementation Workshop  introduces the fundamental thinking and practices of the Getting Things Done methodology and helps you put it in practice.

Book one or both days.

Day 1: Fundamentals Course

The GTD Fundamentals Course provides practical techniques that help you to get control of your world.

Maintain a clear headspace and trust that you are focused on the right things at any given point of time.

GTD Fundementals seminar

What’s Covered

  • Capturing “stuff” into external cognition
  • Processing “IN” to empty consistently
  • Applying the two-minute rule
  • Making decisions when things show up vs. when they blow up
  • Tracking actions contextually vs. unworkable daily to-do lists
  • Best practices for handling email
  • Delegating and tracking deliverables, avoiding “open loops”
  • Creating a functioning reference system
  • Breaking through procrastination
  • Managing priorities effectively

You will experience

  • Increase your productivity and personal resilience
  • Reduction of stress, overwork and chaos in everyday life
  • More inner clarity, focus and decision-making
  • Comprehensive overview of all your tasks and obligations
  • Prevention of stress-related illnesses (depression, burn-out)
  • New freedom for creativity and the things that really matter to you

Day 2: Implementation Workshop

The Installation and Implementation workshop is a dynamic way to apply what you have learnt in the Fundamentals Course, Setup.

You will setup your GTD system in a list manager of your choice and start applying what you learnt on day 1 of the course.

Please note implementation of GTD does not require any software installation, but is implemented using a paper or electronic list manager.

What to expect: Participants can expect to make some real progress in the implementation of GTD for Email, Calendar, Tasks and Projects. Requires participants to have live access to their email and calendar.

  • Email: Handheld workshop for structuring email according to best practices for GTD, with live demonstration, leading participants through handling their own personal backlog and structuring email.
  • Calendar: This workshop covers best practices for calendar management, three-fold nature of work and includes live demonstration.
  • Tasks and Projects: This workshops allows participants to set up their GTD system for tasks and projects and start populating them.
  • Populate your GTD System
  • Apply the Five of Phases Workflow
 Two days course includes Guided Weekly Review and Support after the course
Cost of In-Person Training
Fundamentals only: $695+GST pp
Fundamentals & Implementation Workshop: $1291+GST pp

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