GTD Level 2 Projects and Priorities

Getting Things Done Level 2 Projects and Priorities to lift your horizon

Getting Things Done Level 2 dives deeper into the GTD methodology for defining and planning projects and managing priorities.

Once you have applied the learning from the GTD Level 1 Course and Implementation Workshop and have some experience of the Getting Things Done Methodology, you are ready to engage with the higher horizons of your life: your roles, focus areas, and projects. 

Whether you work on sole projects or as a team member, you will

  • Assess your GTD journey so far and identify areas for improvement so your GTD system provides a more complete overview of your world.
  • Understand the power of a complete Projects list and how this affects your focus and your head space.
  • Understand that there are no problems, only projects.  
  • Use your Areas of Focus to ensure that your priorities are aligned with them.
  • Understand the Natural Planning Model as the best way to plan a project for yourself and your team.
  • Learn how to Plan, implement and successfully complete projects based on the natural planning model. 
  • Realise the benefits of an integrated life management system, and how to keep it current.

GTD Projects and Priorities Course

The level 2 Projects and Priorities seminar brings many valuable insights for the further self-organization such as

  • Achieving greater confidence and clarity about roles and focus areas
  • Learning to effectively and optimally  manage your work in group projects
  • Trusting your GTD system completely 
  • Applying the natural planning model as a revolution in project planning
  • Recognizing the value of a complete project list resulting in increased confidence in trusting what to do moment to moment, day to day.
Getting things done Projects and priorities training

What’s Covered in the Course

  • Capturing and refining a complete, current and clear inventory of projects
  • Developing priorities through the Horizons of Focus® model, particularly emphasizing professional and personal areas of focus
  • Developing control, focus, and creative ideas with projects through the Natural Planning Model including
      • Defining purpose and guiding principles
      • Clarifying the desired outcome
      • Brainstorming ideas
      • Organizing project details
      • Executing on next actions
  • Building an integrated life management system®

Implementation Workshop

The Installation and Implementation workshop is a dynamic way to ensure graduates of the Level 2 Projects and Priorities Course are well-equipped to practically apply their knowledge.

What to expect:

Handheld Implementation of the following key aspects:

  • Optimize your System – for priority choices, moment to moment. A deeper exploration of the factors affecting priority choices when managing projects. Learn how to utilize one’s personal system to achieve greater comfort and confidence in allocating attention and resources. 
  • Build Your Complete Projects List – Identify and build a complete, current, comprehensive, clear and accurate inventory of all your projects and next actions.  Convert any problems, issues, and opportunities into projects.
  • Master the Natural Planning Model – to plan your own projects from start to finish . Further development and utilization of the Natural Planning Model to achieve control and focus on current projects and situations.
  • Map out your Areas of Focus: Identify a complete inventory of your  roles and responsibilities for a broader perspective and decision making on priorities. Deepen your understanding of using orienting views to ensure your integrated life management system stays current and useful.

Who is the course for?

It is for you have a GTD system in place, have undergone GTD Coaching or attended Level 1 GTD Course

What if I am not sure?

Please contact us if you have any questions about whether this is for you or would like us to help you with your GTD.

What Our Clients are saying about our GTD Projects and Priorities Workshop

In early 2021 I attended the GTD Level 2 Projects and Priorities Course. It was a live online format, which I was initially reluctant to attend because I get great value from a face-to-face course. However, Komal guaranteed me that it would be as good online.

With lots of breakout sessions and interactive half-day sessions, I must agree. It was a great way to learn.

The pace, materials, and content were excellent. We focused on GTD project management and focus areas. Komal had lots of real-world experience and examples – and having interaction with others in the class helped to see and hear how others used GTD in their work and life.

I now integrated what I learned in this GTD advanced course to my existing planning processes. It has also allowed me to review and refine my GTD fundamentals.
Jason Buck GTD Testimonial
Jason Buck
Director, Intesphere

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