Path of GTD Mastery

Path of GTD Mastery

Getting Things Done Mastering Workflow Series

Women on Path of Getting Things Done Mastery

The Mastering Workflow Series is a three-level productivity training program based on David Allen’s ground-breaking Getting Things Done® methodology.  GTD is deceptively simple but there is a subtleness and sophistication in its implementation.  We have divided the whole methodology into a series of 3 levels called the Mastering Workflow Series to make it easier for people to adopt it in their work/life.

The series offers engaging one day courses followed by Implementation Workshops, all designed to ensure you can learn and start implementing the methodology to Get Things Done in your work and life, to find a work-life balance.

Though each level is complete and self-contained within its own scope, combined they deliver a total PATH OF GTD MASTERY. 


Path of GTD Mastery  

Your path to master your workflow with three levels: 


Do you want to be more efficient at work? Get done more of the right things with less stress and get out of the busy trap?

The GTD Fundamentals consists of 2 components: the Course and Implementation workshop. 

The course is explains the “what” – the five steps in Getting Things Done® (GTD). The Implementation workshop takes you through the practical “how to” apply these five steps in your work and life. 

After attending the course & the implementation workshop, you are all set to to 

  • have a clear mind
  • get out of trap of doing the latest and loudest
  • make a trusted choice about what to do and what not to do any given time
  • learn how to prevent stuff from falling through the cracks
  • how do delegate effectively
  • get out of the busy trap
  • find them mental space and time to work on what’s most meaningful to you. 

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After completing Level 1: The foundation you will have a well-functioning system to handle your day to day obligations. Now is the time to lift your game and focus on long term goals. In Level 2 Projects and Priorities , you will learn

  • how to plan projects with the Natural Planning Model and get a full overview of all your projects.
  • how to use checklists in the most efficient way
  • develop a comprehensive and integrated system that handles all that life throws against you.
  • develop a map of areas of focus
  • identify your long term goals and plan to achieve them

Delivered as: Level 2 Projects and Priorities Seminar with Implementation Workshop. 

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Learn a dynamic model to clarify and adjust your obligations, values and interests at all levels, and let vision meet action and implementation. This allows you to spend the rest of your life to remain positively oriented and appropriately engaged, no matter what happens. 

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