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Creating a culture of stress-free productivity will make for happier employees and better results.

Our Getting Things Done Train the Trainer is an affordable way to bring Stress Free Productivity with Getting Things Done training to your organization.

Prepare, motivate, and empower your staff, managers, and front-line workers for the constant change and complexity facing today’s business climate. Transform overwhelm and uncertainty into increased stress-free productivity with GTD in-house courses.

In this program, we train and certify your experienced internal corporate trainers to deliver the engaging and powerful Getting Things Done  Mastering Workflow Series training within your organization—where and when it is needed.

Train the Trainer Certification begins with the first level in the series, Fundamentals.

Mastering Workflow Series: The Three Levels

Why Get Certified?

Consistent access to the best practices of the ground-breaking Getting Things Done® methodology results in greater adoption of those best practices and a considerable increase in performance, confidence, and innovation. The program is:

  • Affordable
  • Accessible
  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Practical

Who Is Qualified?

Experienced in-house corporate trainers who deliver courses within their organization and their organization’s wholly owned subsidiaries.

This program is also available for membership organizations who deliver courses within their organizations and to their members; and for schools wanting to provide training to students and their staff.

Would you like to get your internal trainers get certified to teach Getting Things Done in your organizaton?  Contact us below

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Getting Things Done GTD book

*Enhance Your Focus and Beat the Overwhelm

*Have the Freedom to Fulfil your Goals

*Get Things Done with Less Stress

*Avoid Stuff to Fall Through the Cracks