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Our Mission is to help Individuals, Teams and Organizations to clear their head, stay focussed on their goals and achieve stress-free Productivity using the Getting Things Done (GTD) Method.

Our clients range from high profile executives and professionals to full time parents and students.

GTD helps gain perspective, control and fluidity in life. Don’t just take our word for it, see it for yourself.

Working in an environment that cares for children means we are always busy, always on our toes. GTD has taught my team and myself concepts which have assisted us in getting more organised and therefore being more productive and reducing our stress…. literally amazing!

The ‘Capture’ concept has ultimately altered our lives positively by freeing up our head. We no longer hold those ‘to dos’ in our head instead we capture them in other ways which leaves us to use our head for what it was intended for……. “Creating” …….and in an environment full of children this is paramount.

By capturing, clarifying, organising, reflecting and then engaging has turned us into serious productivity machines with no fuss or headaches…in fact, the headaches are gone!

Thanks David for creating such an amazing system that has truly altered all our lives and thanks Productivity First for showing how to implement the GTD system.
Cheryl Shigrov
Founder and Company Director. Precious Cargo, Montessori Early Learning, SA
I found Komal a very practical and pragmatic instructor who worked to understand our needs and then made sure that she focused on those needs.As we are a busy not-for-profit, she was willing to fit around our tight schedules and kept focusing on the power of GTD – something that now inspires many of us in our personal and professional lives.
Wayne Wescott
CEO, Greenfleet VIC
As a long-time practitioner of David Allen’s Getting Things Done method, I had become somewhat stuck and needed direction and clarification. Reaching out to Productivity First and receiving regular coaching has proven to be incredibly beneficial.

Stepping back and reviewing my productivity system was at times challenging, always rewarding and, actually a lot of fun. My path to personal and professional productivity has been reinvigorated!

I highly recommend Productivity First. Just brilliant!
Richard Mumby
Principal Instructor, BHP Billiton. Perth
GTD is easy to understand but can be hard to put in practice. As a start-up entrepreneur, there's always competing priorities, and more work than time available.Coach Komal helped me to move beyond the theory with realistic practical advice on every aspect of time management, balancing empathy with direction. It made a big difference in my quality of life
Juan Martin
Director and Co-Founder, PhoenixDX
Komal has helped me to tailor the GTD which has helped me immensely, I have become more organised and productive in both my work and personal life. I now have the time to enjoy the little things in life and organise projects I previously thought were too big.
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Lucy Crowe
Administrative Manager. Canberra Sleep Clinic, ACT
The GTD Fundamentals Course & Implementation Workshop run by Komal Thakkar from Productivity First has helped me to sharpen my daily practices to ensure I am more efficient in my work. Komal’s attention to detail and practical approach ensured that the investment of my time was well worth it.
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Peter Pashen
Principal, All Saints Catholic Primary School, QLD
I was first introduced to Getting Things Done by a colleague who always seems in control of his work and family life.

After reading David Allen’s book I explored the GTD website and saw that Productivity First is an authorised GTD training provider.

The training delivered by Komal from Productivity First was excellent and clarified all the concepts presented in the book into a workable model. The implementation workshop applied this model and workflow for my work and personal email system.

Komal has continued to provide support and motivation throughout the year since this training was completed. I now find that completing a GTD weekly review regains my focus and sense of control.
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Bruce Willington
Completing a GTD course & Implementation workshop has significantly changed the way I work both at home and in the office.

I came to the course with 4000 emails in my inbox, feeling overwhelmed with how to keep track of what I had to do and not remembering what I needed to do next. Using the GTD work flow has completely changed the way I work. I now have zero emails in my inbox and I have a clear process of how to capture my work/home tasks, organise all the information I need to deal with and I work much more productively.

Komal the trainer goes the extra mile and keeps in contact with me to keep me on track. I highly recommend this course to anyone needing more time to get things done.
Linda Willington
Nurse Manager, ACT
Komal's GTD Fundamentals & Implementation Course provided me with confidence that she knew what she was doing and we were on a good thing.

For example we all were working off different applications for implementation of GTD lists and she was able to respond to any question we threw at her whether it be Evernote, any version of Outlook, IOS reminders, etc.

Her follow up activity was perfect in consolidating the lessons we had over the two days. But for me, the community that we created on the course was the cream on top. I have confidence that I will master GTD technique with the follow on support that has been provided and the genuine care that Komal has for everyone on course to succeed.
Jackie Churchill
Wing Commander. Royal Australian Air Force

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