Why GTD?

Are you doing and doing and still falling behind?

For only one generation ago our nation consisted of fishermen, farmers, craftsmen and factory workers. Figuring out what to do at any given time was not difficult.

Today, most of us are knowledge workers. We have limited resources and abundance of commitments.

Ability to make a trusted decision of what is the right thing to do, moment to moment, day to day has become an essential skill.

This skill is not taught in schools. You are set to teach yourself.How skilled you are to handle tasks is proportional to your productivity.

The average Australian struggles with task-related stress:

“There’s so much to do that I do not know where to start! I have no overview and control anymore …”

“I don’t have the time to think! What I really need is the space to think!”

Kevin Wilde, VP, General Mills talks about, “How GTD is a System That Works”

Getting Things Done® (GTD)   methodology is a set of good practices that can be learned to become habits and lead to less stress, more perspective and control and be present in the moment in whatever you are doing, whether you are chairing a board meeting or having dinner with your family.

GTD is common sense set in system.

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