Elementary School Children are “Getting Things Done”

Busy, distracted, sleepless, anxious, stressed . . . overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Over the past few decades, we have moved from the industrial age of linear work to the dynamic multifaceted age of knowledge work — with more information and stimuli than ever before. Feeling lost and pressured is a unique knowledge work phenomenon, but one that can be relieved.

David Allen Featured in The Entrepreneurs Library

The Entrepreneurs Library is a podcast, blog and community devoted to books that entrepreneurs would find useful, so it’s no wonder Getting Things Done is featured there. This blog post features “5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from David Allen.”

David Allen on the Future of Productivity Some of you may already be familiar with David Allen – he was a featured speaker at the TNW conference last year. His productivity methodology, ‘Getting Things Done’, took the world by storm when it was first published, and that fervor doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon. Why? GTD works. In fact, studies support the GTD method as a practical implementation of “how the brain processes information and plans actions in the real world”.David Allen talks to the San Francisco Chronicle on ways to stay productive amid the information overload

Q: Do you think that we’ve seen technology move our workforce in an unproductive direction? A: The whole planet is unproductive; it’s just that technology is making it more obvious. What’s important is knowing where are you and how do you allocate…When Office Technology Overwhelms, Get Organised

How do you think most workers would respond if you asked them, “Do you feel more productive now than you did several years ago?” I doubt that the answer would be a resounding yes. In fact, even as workplace technology and processes steadily improve, many…What Decisions Are You Avoiding?

Every senior executive I’ve ever coached, without exception, has at least one (and usually several) key projects hung up and bottlenecked at him/her, simply because it requires a decision about something and there’s no clarity about what action is needed to move forward on making that decision.Stress management question to David by a High school student

I am completing a health advocacy project in my health class and need to interview an expert on my topic. My topic is on Teens managing Stress. I’m asking you thispersonally because of your book on managing stress. Here are three questions that I would like to ask you:read more  

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Getting Things Done GTD book

*Enhance Your Focus and Beat the Overwhelm

*Have the Freedom to Fulfil your Goals

*Get Things Done with Less Stress

*Avoid Stuff to Fall Through the Cracks